in the last stage of Protechting
Articles made it to the last stage of Protechting

We were one of the start-ups selected and have reached the last stage of Protechting. We present a solution to innovate the insurance sector!


The Last Stage of Protechting

Protechting is an acceleration program and the Fosun group, Fidelidade, in partnership with Beta-i, were the promoters of this.

This project aims to bring technological start-ups closer to companies in the insurance, health, and banking sectors.

Above all, it is a way of helping young companies to publicize and expand their business. At the same time, large companies have the possibility to improve and increase their digital transformation.

After 119 applications, only 14 were selected for the final stage of the program. Four of these start-ups were Portuguese, and one of them was!

We applied to Protechting with a solution that automates about 70% of the interactions between companies and their clients. Namely, those of the Customer Support department.

In this case, it was envisioned to be a system implemented in the insurance sector. However, it can be easily integrated into different sectors, as it is a very adaptable and scalable solution.

The solution consists of a chatbot (a communicational robot) with Artificial Intelligence that automatically and immediately answers the most recurring questions from the brands’ customers.

Moreover, in case the robot does not know the most appropriate answer, it forwards the user to Live Chat, where a human assistant answers the request.

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