Catarina Ribeiro

Meet Catarina Ribeiro, our Talent Acquisition Specialist

Hi everyone! My name is Catarina, and I’ve been part of the HR team at for over a year now! My academic background is in Educational Sciences, and in 2022, I discovered the 🌍 of human resources, which turned out to be the best discovery ever! I began this career as a Sourcer and evolved like a true Pokémon into Talent Acquisition. 😄 I am responsible for recruitment processes and, along with the team, manage all the dynamics and operations that an HR department needs in a company.

1. How would you describe your job and responsibilities to HR students who are eager to start a career in this area?

The roles within the HR area are very diverse. We’re a cross-functional team, so our day-to-day consists of constant contact with all departments and teams simply because, as you can imagine, they’re all composed of people. 😄

In a simple and broad sense, the HR department, in my opinion, can be divided into two types of tasks: interaction with colleagues – ensuring the management of various procedures and everyone’s well-being; and interaction with potential colleagues – where the focus is on managing recruitment. Overall, it’s important to ensure the compliance of all processes, proper follow-up, and ensure everyone’s satisfaction.

Linked to all these tasks are issues related to employer branding, training, and creativity, among others!

2. Share the best piece of work advice anyone has ever given you.

It is human to make mistakes and it’s part of the process! In fact, learning comes from interests, experiences, or mistakes. So, seeing the “glass half full” is a good driver for us to develop as professionals and individuals. Always try to see the positive side and stay calm because, in the end, things will turn out well!

3. What’s your process for turning a bad day into a good one?

I believe that a smile is the best strategy of all! We might be having a terrible day, but when we receive or share smiles with someone, the day always gets better!

4. Do you have any extra hidden talents?

I make the best lasagna ever! Everyone who eats it stops liking any other, so I like to believe I have a gift in the kitchen! Oh, not to mention that my sweet rice is also really good! If you ask me for the recipe, I’ll gladly share it. The only issue is I do everything without following measurements, I swear! 😋

5. If you were to choose a song about your career so far, what song would you choose?

In the hope of not sounding like a ‘Cliche!,’ I believe the best song I could choose is ‘All You Need Is Love’ by The Beatles. And please, allow me to adapt it to ‘All We Need Is Love’! Love for what we do every day, love for our careers, and most importantly, love for ourselves and others.

We live in an era where time seems scarce, competitiveness is more prevalent, and it’s important to remember that we are all human beings and that love must always be present. Be passionate about what you do, about yourselves, and everyone! 🤗