Mobile phone with Tranquilidade's WhatsApp.
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The insurer Tranquilidade expands its digital contact channels with a virtual assistant from on WhatsApp!

Tranquilidade’s Virtual Assistant

WhatsApp has doubled the number of users in Portugal since 2016. According to Marktest, 74% of people inquired have an account on this social network. This app now ranks second among the most popular in the country, only passed by Facebook.

Thus, WhatsApp is increasingly the focus of the attention of companies that want to be where their customers are. An example of this is Tranquilidade. One of Portugal’s largest insurers recently made WhatsApp available so that their customers can get in touch at any time and without constraint.

Tranquilidade’s on WhatsApp

With the support of, Tranquilidade integrated their chatbot into WhatsApp. In other words, this means you can now count on the virtual assistant that you had on the website on your phone, meeting your requests immediately and automatically.

This chatbot provides information related to different customer issues. Therefore, now you can request the 2nd copy of the insurance document, the policy document, or make accident reports through the application.

The chatbot has over 6,000 contacts per month and an efficiency rate of 70% where only 30% of requests are not automatically answered.

The WhatsApp number of Tranquilidade is 917 775 432. Try it now!

This is a new, more convenient, and more expected channel with a better communication experience with the public. Learn more about this case in the article published by ECO.

So, if you want to incorporate a bot into your company’s WhatsApp, talk to