• Channel: Chat
  • Industry: Insurance
  • Audience: Customers and Brokers intelligent chatbot platform supercharges Generali Contact Center’s efficiency

Customers and brokers gained a self-service, 24*7*365, and a reliable alternative channel to interact with Generali. Meanwhile, Generali can provide faster resolutions, build advanced workflows, and continuously deliver new automated services - without the need of a developer.

The Challenge

Customers are at the heart of Generali’s business. To provide them with excellent services simply and agilely, the group continuously innovates and invests in process automation and optimization. The Contact Center is no exception. The goal was for customers to quickly get everything they needed throughout their relationship with Generali. Additionally, the group aimed to increase the support team’s efficiency so that they could concentrate on solving more complex and strategic issues. The bet on an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant became naturally part of this strategy. was chosen as it best matched the requirements: a platform that was at the same time easy to use and managed directly by the Contact Center, allowing users to automatically and effectively respond to common and programmable queries.

The Solution’s support from questions-to-answers creation made the platform implementation speedy and smooth. What started as a virtual assistant for customer interaction later evolved into a more self-service approach. A study of the most frequent requests – document duplication, change of addresses, new vehicle insertions, and cancellations- was used to integrate the platform with other Generali’s systems using web services to automate and optimize workflows. As a result, efficiency has grown, and new capabilities are continually added to the platform. The virtual assistant is increasingly empowered and enriched to provide the best customer experience. And given its success, first with the “Tranquilidade” brand, then with “Logo”, another brand in the Group, the Generali Group developed a virtual assistant to support their brokers. All this within a close partnership, with Visor always in the “back-office,” maximizing the platform’s power to stay ahead of the game.

The Results

The impact of the platform on the day-to-day activities of the Generali Group’s Contact Center is enormous. The virtual assistant now fully handles a vast set of interactions, expanding the team’s capacity and availability. It’s also highly valued for its flexibility and autonomy to test and implement new services without external support. Customers and brokers have an alternative channel to easily get what they need anytime, anywhere, without having to talk to operators. And, if necessary, they are always ready to intervene as a live chat. Ensuring the proximity and agility advocated by the Generali Group remains a top priority.

  • Channel: Chat
  • Industry: Insurance
  • Audience: Customers and Brokers
"I recommend for several reasons: first because it is very simple to deploy and work, second because it is very fast to obtain results, and third because it is very easy to improve. In other words, we implement something and we are constantly updating, evolving and providing the best service to our brokers and our customers."
Ana Pinto
Head of Customer Service
  • 80.000
    interactions/month via virtual assistant with brokers
  • 30+
    self-care processes implemented autonomously by Generali's team
  • 4 weeks
    to make the virtual assistant live

About Generali

Generali Seguros SA is an insurance company that owns the brands Tranquilidade, Açoreana and LOGO. With 1,875,000 customers, Generali Seguros is the 2nd largest non-life insurance operator in Portugal and has a distribution network of more than 2,500 brokers and agents that offers proximity, innovation, and quality of service. More info at

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