Millennium BCP

  • Channel: Chat
  • Industry: Banking
  • Audience: Commercial Team

Millennium BCP chose platform to create Max, its intelligent chatbot

Thanks to an always-available intelligent chatbot, solution helps Millennium BCP give unconditional and 24*7 support to its entire commercial network.

The Challenge

As the largest privately-owned bank in Portugal, Millennium BCP has a commercial team with more than 5000 employees. To perform the best way possible, it’s essential to continuously empower them with the knowledge they need and rapidly clarify all their doubts. And that’s the role of the COM Support department. Previously, they had a traditional call center channel, which did not allow them to achieve the desired efficiency level in terms of speed and availability. Each operator could only attend one person at a time during business hours. On the other hand, it was considerably based on a reactive approach. Millennium BCP wanted to go further, understanding their real needs and anticipating them. They were looking for a solution that would increase agility through automation. The decision was to implement an intelligent chatbot with

The Solution

Millennium BCP chose Visor’s platform to create and evolve its intelligent chatbot, named Max, as the preferred channel to support all the bank’s commercial networks. It all started with the existing knowledge base, reviewed together with and with the products/services owners, and placed in Max. Then, daily, the chatbot is autonomously enriched by the COM Support team with all the news and updates regarding the bank’s procedures and offers. When there is any question, Max immediately answers. If the person needs further clarification or something more complex, a ComDirect human agent steps in, uses the Live Chat feature on the solution, and the issue is resolved. These types of questions are monitored and “taught” to Max. As Millennium BCP usually says, Max may not be able to answer a certain question today. Still, tomorrow he will undoubtedly be, which allows for a constant increment in automation.

The Results

The new Millennium BCP chatbot powered by doubled the efficiency of the bank’s support team: identifying the topics that need help the most, serving many more people, and addressing queries much faster. Thanks to Max, commercial support is now available 24*7*365, improving everyone’s satisfaction and productivity. The chatbot started with a 65% in automation in 2021; the goal is to increase it to 80%. In other words, 80% of the questions and processes are solved without human intervention.

  • Channel: Chat
  • Industry: Banking
  • Audience: Commercial Team
"In addition to being easy to handle, we are regularly in contact with The relationship is very close, and cooperation is very high. The impact of implementing the platform was staggering. It boosted and doubled our team's efficiency, allowing us to provide better support to the commercial network. makes things happen. In the digital age, this is very important. Things happen and happen much faster."
Carla Lemos
COM Support Director
  • 5.000
    users supported
  • 80%
    of interactions expected to be automated
  • 6 weeks
    from step one to going live
  • 2x
    more support
  • 2x
    team efficiency

About Millennium BCP

Millennium BCP is Portugal's largest private sector banking institution, with a leading position and particular strength in various financial products, services, and market segments. The Group is present in Poland, Mozambique, Angola (through its associate BMA), and China. More info at

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