Baby Boomers Master the Usage of Chatbots

Baby Boomers Master the Usage of Chatbots

A few years ago, we might have thought that the Millennial generation was ahead in technological terms, that it was born with mobile phones in its hands, and that it was much better suited to those kinds of tools. But it didn’t take long for their parents to catch up. Now Baby Boomers are the ones who dominate the usage of chatbots, against all expectations.

Baby Boomers Appreciate Chatbots More

Studies show that Baby Boomers (people born between 1946 and 1964) are more likely to value chatbots than Millennials (1981-1996). In everyday situations, they consider interactions with chatbots welcome to solve situations or get information quickly.

These good reviews can be related to the frequency of contact with “grown-up” companies (insurance companies, banks, etc.). People leave home later and later (between the ages of 26 and 29) and leave it to their parents to deal with these problems. Thus, the two things can be interconnected: the frequency of interactions and the good attendance by the virtual assistants.

Potential Benefits of Chatbots according to Baby Boomers and Millennials.
Source: 2018 State of Chatbot Report

Baby Boomers and Millennials value different parameters. The elders favor quick answers to simple questions (64%) and quick problem solving (46%). The younger ones prefer 24/7 service (66%) and good customer service (45%).

However, both agree that conversation bots facilitate communication. Even in cases where questions are more complex, they can answer the request in detail.

Always saving time

Virtual assistants are increasingly part of our daily life, and this is due a lot to the faster communication process. The consumer has no time to waste, and sometimes the conversation with people can be time-consuming.

According to Newvoicemedia, the waiting time for phone calls is 11 minutes, more than double what people are willing to wait for. With chatbots, the waiting time is about 45 seconds. Yes, seconds!

This data is very positive for companies because it guarantees them that it is a good option to implement chatbots in their media, valuing their service to the public.

Not just any chatbot

You have to pay attention to the kind of chatbot that you implement because nobody wants a quick response that doesn’t make sense. It is important to have a conversational bot that has artificial intelligence and natural language knowledge to be as efficient as possible and not make anyone waste their valuable time.

That’s why’s chatbot is a great option. It offers a 24/7 service, with an average response efficiency of 70%. The service of your company increases because it answers intelligently and quickly.

Consequently, your customers are much more satisfied. Therefore, facilitates your communication and interaction processes whatever the generation of your target audience.

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