Can virtual Assistants Save Relationships

Can virtual assistants save relationships?

Gartner predicts that by 2020 we will have more conversations with virtual assistants than with our partner.

In a world where technology keeps growing, virtual assistants (also known as chatbots) are increasingly present in our lives. They help us to clarify doubts, research information and perform various tasks according to our tastes and needs.

Our standards of interaction are changing. We are in an era where everything has to be immediate and short answer and sometimes talking directly to a person can be the opposite. Conflict and discussion can lead to disagreements and the plan you had thought of goes down the drain.

It is in these situations that chatbots can be our best friends and “save” some confrontational situations that may arise. Imagine that you want to prepare dinner, you don’t want to face your spouse’s indecision, but you have no idea what to do. With a simple question to your “pet chatbot,” you can decide it in seconds.

The facilitators

The above situation may seem distant, but believe me, it is not far from reality. Our virtual friends are increasingly prepared to answer questions like this. We give them access to our home, our routine, and our surroundings, and soon they will become authentic diaries of our lives.
By being able to access our daily life and, in this case, our relationship, they will take all aspects into account when answering and this may facilitate many situations.

The same happens in the companies that work with They implement chatbots in their communication channels (chat, email or voice) so that the answers to their users are immediate. The clients also have the advantage of being alerted about new campaigns. You can see below an example*.

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*The case presented is a merely illustrative example, being a more detailed process in real cases.