e-mail bots

Visor.ai’s new solution: email bot in action!

As you know, Visor.ai automates communication processes between companies and people. We started with the chat and now comes the emails!

Until now, we focused on the implementation of chatbots in the most diverse platforms (website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.). This helps the companies on having fewer phone calls and more efficiency of assistance. Most business contacts are about simple solution issues that can be easily and automatically answered by chat.

As well as the chat, Visor.ai’s new solution focuses on the automation of incoming emails, using Artificial Intelligence. The companies receive mostly emails about updating customer data or reporting situations. Some of these actions could be done through chat, but this fails when it concerns reading attachments.

Technologies used

So, we use the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to read proofs. This allows the reading of characters from an image. For example, a person has had a car accident and sends an Accident Mutual Statement to the insurance company. This system can recognize the accident report template and save its information.

With this automation and Artificial Intelligence, the system reads the entire email (subject and attachments included). The email bot responds and/or forwards to the responsible department to follow up on the request. If the client does not send the necessary documents or only part of them, the system automatically requests the missing information. This way, work is simplified to human assistants. It spares them these interactions and delivering them only the final request with all the related documentation. In turn, people have a faster and more efficient response to their emails

The email bot, like the chatbot, is easy to implement. It can be seamlessly integrated into your customers’ mailbox, such as Outlook or Gmail, or into more complex options, such as Salesforce

So, if you want to know more about this new option, please contact us at info@visor.ai.