How Can Chatbots Boost Your Digital Transformation

As the world becomes more digital, businesses must keep up with this evolution and adapt to new technologies. To do this, various industries need to invest in digital transformation. And one simple way to drive this transformation is through chatbots.

Keep reading this article to learn more about digital transformation, how a chatbot can be a great tool to improve your services and increase your customers’ satisfaction and experience.

What is Digital Transformation?

Surely, you have heard of digital transformation.

This concept is related to companies that want to reach further and stand out from the competition.

The world is a place where communication and globalization are increasingly emphasized while at the same time making a certain topic known.

But what exactly is digital transformation? – you ask.

Well, digital transformation, as the name might imply, is the adaptation of an entity (company) to new technological trends, thus becoming more digital and innovative.

The integration of new technologies totally changes the way products/services are offered to consumers, which they highly value.

Users are more demanding and losing interest in companies that do not keep up with the times.

The updating and investment in innovative solutions are fundamental to have global satisfaction, both from customers and employees.

Which areas should you transform digitally?

Digital transformation cannot occur in just a certain part of a company.

Have you seen what it would be like if half your employees benefited from the perks of new technology and half didn’t? Or that customer service was all revamped, but on the other hand, you had your employees in less advantageous situations?

That wouldn’t be good, right? Then the answer is simple. Do a general upgrade, even if it’s in phases. But don’t leave anyone out.


As we have already mentioned, you must make your employees happy in addition to your customers.

Improving the quality of work of your employees is crucial. So invest in solutions that improve their performance. Namely, machines that perform the most physically demanding tasks, for example.

In retail companies, for example, try to upgrade the production lines for your products.

Externally (Customer Support)

Your customers expect you to always be on top of the latest trends, both in products and service.

No one has time to wait around anymore. People want to be attended to immediately. And if not, they will turn to other solutions.

Besides, if they can solve their problems themselves, without having to talk to someone else, all the better.

Self-service is a trend that will not disappear any time soon, and any service will use it.

Digital Transformation with Artificial Intelligence

Today, any company that wants to offer a higher level of service turns to Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is the field of Computer Science that enables machines to simulate reasoning and perform human activities.

According to Andrew Ng, AI is the new electricity. By this, the computer scientist and professor at Stanford means that it’s as important to the present day as electricity was when it was discovered.

It’s a matter the world can no longer live without and is indispensable to its progress and evolution.

Let’s look at examples of different uses of AI today:

Online shopping and advertising

Strategies with AI used in retail are exciting, as they allow brands to offer a more personalized service to each customer.

Web Searches

It’s already known that only the best blog posts/articles appear in the first positions in search engines. But how do we know which are the best?

This work is done by AI bots that automatically check all sites to deliver the best results.

AI can be a good strategy when the topic is SEO (your website’s performance in search engines). Learn more here!

Automatic Translations

It may be one of the most used services in the world. Instantly, it has the translation from one language to another, with a very high degree of correctness.

At first, programs like Google Translate had their limitations and were not very efficient. But as their knowledge bases grow and they have a greater volume of data to analyze, they become more and more correct.

NLP is a technology used for machine translations. Learn more about this branch of AI here!

Cyber Security

AI-powered systems can help recognize and counter threats to systems by recognizing patterns and mapping attacks.

Combating Misinformation

Just like the previous point, to combat disinformation, we can use AI. That is, nowadays, anything can go viral. This can be great for spreading information, except when it’s incorrect and baseless.

The role of Artificial Intelligence, in this regard, is to prevent and combat false information from spreading.

In a way, this use of AI was driven by the coronavirus pandemic, where anyone had their theories about the cure and prevention methods.

Virtual Agents

Probably the best-known use is virtual agents or chatbots.

These systems are process optimization and automation solutions that are more and more implemented in companies with large contact volumes.

Digital Transformation with Chatbots

Chatbots, being virtual agents, help optimize your company’s services, both internally and with the customer.

The implementation of more digital solutions enhances growth and increases the satisfaction of your customers and employees.

1) Customer Service

Investing in automation solutions such as chatbots is a key step if you want your institution to stand out from the rest, especially in customer service.

One of the most frequent complaints from consumers is the time they wait to be attended to.

So, if the waiting time is a factor to be taken into account and you suffer from this problem, maybe investing in a chatbot is not unreasonable.

Instead of keeping the user waiting, let them deal with their problems by themselves, and only if they can’t solve them, refer them to a human assistant.

Many of the questions received by contact centers are repetitive and easy to solve. That said, there is nothing like a chatbot programmed and trained to answer your customers’ most frequently asked questions.

2) Sales Support

In addition to customer support, a chatbot can be an essential solution to help you in pre and post-sales.

In pre-sales, it can help educate your prospects about your brand or make suggestions for services and products that complement what they are purchasing.

On the other hand, it can be an option for problem-solving in the post-sale, such as complaints or other situations.

3) Lead Generation

A virtual agent is also a great marketing tool. Especially in the world we live in today, where social networks and digital channels are some of the biggest means of expansion and propagation of brands.

Implementing a chatbot on the digital channels your customers use the most or your persona is on is a great strategy to expand. And, at the same time, start creating a connection with your target audience.

For example, program your chatbot to greet and introduce your product to people who pass through your channels.

Learn about the benefits of adopting various digital communication channels here.

4) Collecting Analytics

One of the most interesting features of a chatbot is the metrics collection.

With these communicational agents, in addition to assisting your customers, they can gather information about them, namely demographic data, the product they are most interested in, etc.

5) Internal Relationship

Besides customer service, you can also implement a chatbot internally. That is, for employee support.

This implementation can increase the satisfaction level of your team and, simultaneously, create and maintain greater proximity between employees and the company.

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