Chatbots Drive to Cost Reduction and Scalability

Chatbots drive to Cost Reduction and Scalability

Businesses are slowly starting to acknowledge a tool that promises to upgrade company-client relationships. This new modern instrument is called a chatbot. And it has the capacity to resolve customer issues in a more efficient and faster way.

It is one of the most important business opportunities in the Digital Era. These new virtual assistants not only have the power to reduce costs but also to improve customer service.

But how do companies find the return on their investment?

It’s a relevant question. The answer is not that simple as it depends from company to company.

Companies spend 1.3 trillion dollars annually on customer service calls, according to IBM data. Alternatively, Chatbot Magazine indicates that, on average, companies benefit from a 30% cost reduction when implementing a chatbot system.

The customer care departments, dedicated to speaking to clients via social media and telephone, can be costly. Apart from that, it’s not easy to retain employees in these types of services. They usually get bored of answering the same questions repeatedly.

One of the best features of chatbots is their ability to free employees to target bigger client challenges. The kind that is not as easy to solve and can’t be answered by a chatbot.

Here’s an example of this technology’s potential. According to Autodesk, half of the questions that clients have can be answered by chatbots.

Added to this, these virtual assistants can be connected 24/7. They can solve multiple issues at once. And when chatbots can’t, the system will leave a ticket so human agents contact the client. Although the client will not have their questions answered immediately, the assistants will follow up. They’ll already know what the issue is and will reach out to the client with a solution.

Cost reduction will be higher in the Banking, Retail and Healthcare sectors

A study by Juniper Research concluded that in 2023, banking, retail, and healthcare sectors will save 11 billion euros per year with the introduction of chatbots. The market research enterprise estimates that consumers and professionals save 2.5 million hours with these kinds of systems.

Although this drives the cost reduction and scalability, the biggest return companies will get will be customer satisfaction. Consumers will always have a virtual assistant dedicated to answering their questions.

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