Why is Visor.ai Different from Other Online Platforms

Why Visor.ai is different from other online chatbot platforms

There is a huge variety of chatbot builder platforms. And you can find online with a freemium model or at a very low price. The best thing about it is you can try them out and that won’t cost you a thing.

Actually, Visor.ai and these other online chatbot platforms have a lot in common in terms of basic functions. However, Visor.ai offers a much more complete solution. It meets the needs of big enterprises, which differs from the features provided by these other platforms.

Here are some of the reasons you might want to choose Visor.ai:

Create complex chatbots

With Visor.ai’s platform, you can create very complex chatbots, both for customer support, internal support, marketing campaigns, lead generation, etc. All without the need for coding from your side!

Also, these kinds of chatbot platforms won’t let you create a real knowledge base to answer more complex questions. It may be ideal to build interactive and low marketing-oriented chatbots. But when it comes to customer support chatbots, they leave a lot to be desired.

Integrate with different chat platforms

Visor.ai lets you deploy your chatbot wherever you want – on your website, app, Facebook Messenger, among other chat platforms. Our solution doesn’t need any other providers.

On the other hand, some of these freemium platforms are only available for some specific chat platforms. You can deploy it on a website too. But it still depends on a Facebook Messenger account to work. You’ll receive the conversation notification there also, which can be pretty annoying.

Native call center feature

Our solution includes a call center feature, which we call Live Chat, where your team can answer to the clients directly in the platform. The Live Chat combines the queries from all the places where your chatbots are deployed, like Messenger, websites, etc. That is, you can have a chatbot in different platforms and just one place to answer them all, without having to attend to different call centers.

Also, we created 3 levels of access to the platform for your contact center team, according to their position in the chain: assistant, supervisor or admin level. This gives you access to different features, like the possibility to redirect tickets.

All in one platform

Visor.ai solution has the perfect balance with a Chatbot builder tool, with a complex AI trainer, native Live Chat module and analytics tool – all in one single platform. Also, our natively developed webchat maintains the good user experience of Facebook Messenger, conserving all its core characteristics, like galleries, quick replies, buttons, and web views.

Alternatively, the customer would have to pick several solutions available online to operate together, which represents huge IT developments and which gives rise to an untested and unreliable solution.

History of interactions

Additionally to the metrics we provide, our Dashboard displays ALL the history of interactions that occurred within the platform. We also make sure to go through that history to find if the chatbot is answering well, then presenting insights to help our clients to make their chatbot better.

AI quality with industry knowledge

In Visor.ai we have developed state of the art Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms, which are completely managed by our team and can be adapted for each sector and client.

Regarding the other platforms, usually, they don’t have any kind of NLP and its AI has a lot of limitations. You can set up some triggers and the bot will give a parametrized answer to those queries – however, if the user doesn’t write it exactly how it’s supposed to, then it won’t even know how to respond.

Constant support and training

We think that the most important thing for our clients is that we guide them throughout the entire process of building the chatbot. Even after that when the chatbot is live.

We want to make sure we give the best possible solution to the clients that trust us and that we make really good chatbots. We don’t want numbers, we focus on having satisfied customers. And we think that’s all that matters.

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