5 Successful marketing Campaigns with Visor.ai Chatbots

5 Successful Marketing Campaigns with Visor.ai Chatbots

If you’re a Marketing professional or just a curious person, this article is for you! Here, we present you the most successful marketing campaigns that used a Visor.ai chatbot.

The implementation of a chatbot deals with much more than the automation of answers to repeated questions. It’s an opportunity for contact.

The chatbot is a channel that allows the company to return to the conversation initiated by the customer and communicate more information about opportunities, promotions, or new products and services.

In this way, chatbots are a cost-saving solution in Contact Centers. They increase the productivity of the teams, their communication, and the generation and conversion of leads.

Find more information about the chatbots market with a focus on Marketing teams. Furthermore, discover the five successful campaigns developed by FOX, Milaneza, Heineken, Knorr, and Compal brands that stand out.

Why You Should Use Chatbots in Your Marketing Campaigns

Implementing a chatbot on a website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or a company’s app can significantly reduce costs associated with Contact Centers. For example, increase SLAs and support team productivity.

It’s a solution that allows you to provide customers with immediate assistance and allows them to find answers to their questions on their own.

Customers demand real-time interactions, and chatbots speed up the process. Additionally, the speed of response attracts more users.

Consumers expect chatbots as quick to respond as a support operator in a face-to-face conversation and even faster than a person on the phone.

Note that 69% of consumers choose to interact with a chatbot. 86% prefer this channel compared to filling out forms online. This preference happens because chatbots offer quick answers and solutions.

Also, 78% of customers expect to see their requests satisfied through their chatbot use. Thus, the implementation of this solution helps to meet the real needs of many companies with a high volume of daily contacts.

According to a Markets and Markets study, the chatbot market will grow from 2.6 billion in 2019 to 9.4 billion in 2024. By 2030, the expectation is that the market will worth more than $24 billion.

These references reflect the evident growth in demand and the use of chatbots.

What Chatbots Bring to Your Marketing Campaigns

Experience, proximity, and customer retention are some of the main objectives of the Marketing and Customer Support departments.

With or without recourse to Artificial Intelligence (AI), chatbots are useful to attract, retain, and approach new customers. They are also able to collect new data and shorten sales cycles.

Chatbots using AI provide a better user experience. They offer greater efficiency in automating repeat orders, support in multiple languages, and continuous learning. Plus, the customization of responses.

Moreover, chatbots enable an uninterrupted experience throughout the customer’s interaction with the company, 24 hours daily.

It’s essential to create meaningful and constant relationships and keep track of and categorize clients for their acquisition and retention.

Chatbots are excellent tools to automate and manage the initial stages of Marketing processes. Examples include collecting customer data, product and service information, and campaign suggestions or answering repeated questions.

The implementation of a chatbot represents a new form of communication. In many cases, it provides an additional contact channel for customers.

Since numerous processes are automated, marketing teams can handle a higher volume of contacts. They can start and resume more conversations and thus generate and convert more leads.

Chatbots are also a great way to bridge the gap between Marketing and Sales departments.

They provide efficient information gathering and increase qualified lead generation.

Conversational bots enable an optimized and fluid flow of information between teams and increase the conversion rate of potential customers into customers.

5 Successful Marketing Campaigns

The following campaigns are notorious in their results.

They all carried out from the integration of a chatbot Visor.ai. Both in WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger of each company.

It will also be interesting to have the following data:


FOX Networks Group (FNG) launched the “Estreia-te” campaign in September 2019.

The campaign consisted of a contest to give voice to the Portuguese people. The objective was the collection and selection of audios from the spectators presenting the programming of FNG channels.

FOX’s WhatsApp was the way people exchanged interactions with the channel. The implementation of a chatbot made possible the national reach of the campaign.

The integration was a work enhanced by the Visor.ai and Nossa™ teams.

“Estreia-te” has achieved much better results than expected. FOX received an average of 1000 audios per day, totaling 60,000 submissions by tens of thousands of users. These numbers made the campaign the largest ever of FOX in Portugal.

At the end of the campaign, were selected 14 new winning voices. These are proof of the power of the media. In addition to reaching out everywhere, they promote inclusion and celebration of cultural, ethnic, and generational differences.


As a strategy to increase proximity to its consumers in a time of social confinement, Milaneza has integrated a chatbot into its Facebook Messenger.

This project again was developed from the partnership between the companies Visor.ai and Nossa™.

From this campaign, the brand can suggest healthy and innovative recipes for all of its customers’ meals. To do so, all you have to do is introduce the ingredients with which you want to cook, and magnificent suggestions emerge.

The chatbot also allows the user to talk to a real assistant about more specific questions.

It also provides information and curiosities about the pasta brand.


In 2018, Knorr® Portugal launched a marketing campaign by integrating a chatbot into its Facebook Messenger.

This time, the implementation was carried out by Visor.ai in partnership with On Spot Net, a marketing agency.

The campaign aimed to offer summer festival tickets to users who presented purchase receipts with the brand’s products.

The chatbot validates, collects, and presents the points of each user so that they could exchange them for their prize.


Once again, the partnership between Visor.ai and On Spot Net has provided a campaign for excellent results.

The campaign “Bom Dia com Compal Summo” provides an integrated chatbot on the brand’s Facebook Messenger.

The goal is to offer healthy recommendations for breakfast.

In just one month, there was 81% effective response in 2000 conversations, and only 1% of these chats required human assistance. This assistance was only necessary due to the particularity of the issues.


A chatbot developed by Visor.ai is, as well, on Heineken Portugal’s Facebook Messenger.

This chatbot can automate the processes of downloading, reading, validating, and rewarding coupons.

In October 2019, the chatbot had an efficiency rate of 60%. It did not have a higher percentage due to the internal requirements of the human validation mark.

The Visor.ai Chatbot Platform

Visor.ai’s chatbot solution allows you to manage all interactions and client history on a single platform directly and autonomously.

All the knowledge base and creation of rules and processes to be automated are on the client’s side. Moreover, it can be fully customized at any time.

The platform has real-time metrics regarding efficiency and bot optimization rates. This way, you can follow the results of the chat solution.

It also includes the productivity of the support operators, the average treatment time per ticket, and the number of cases solved automatically.

Besides, the Visor.ai platform allows the creation of Triggers and Broadcasts. These make it possible to send messages, such as promotional campaigns, to a specific or general audience.

If you want to have a fantastic marketing campaign or learn more about Visor.ai features, talk to us!