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Insurance Case


Offer alternative channels to Tranquilidade customers and increase the service level automating processes.


Implementing the chatbot on the client’s website decreased the number of calls by offering alternative channels to customers, automated and optimized processes, and increased sales.


Within two weeks of initial implementation, the chatbot joined the Tranquilidade team as another valuable member. Since then, its easier to change and improve every day the responsiveness, functionality, and specificity. In eight months, the efficiency response reached 70%, without human assistance to fulfill the request. Yet, the highlight is the commercial lead conversion rate of 10% since month one.

Complementary Projects:

Tranquilidade, apart from the chatbot on its website, extended the solution to a bigger communication channel – the WhatsApp channel. This expansion resulted in a more even number of contacts through Tranquilidade’s contact channels.

Since Tranquilidade was so pleased with the Chat Solution, they invested in the email channel’s automation as well. One of the biggest Portuguese insurance companies is the first client to have its email inbound automated. The Email Bot categorizes, routes, and answers clients when any document is missing to complete the process.

Response Efficiency
Lead Conversion

Bank Case


Best Bank needed to increase engagement with online customers. Moreover, Best Bank wanted to offer the appropriate services in the appropriate way.


The implementation of BEA (BEST Electronic Assistant) on Best Bank website offers an alternative channel to online customers. As a result, Best Bank currently has a 100% AI chatbot machine working with


The Innovation and New Partnership team didn’t spend more than 10 minutes a day on BEA in October 2019. This was possible due to the 82% efficiency rate of BEA’s automatic conversation, without the need for human assistance. In addition, these results made it possible for Best Bank not to have a full-time live agent on the chat.
BEA allows Best Bank to personalize customer interactions and increase their engagement. Furthermore, the chatbot also opens more opportunities to help, inform and direct customers and to connect, learn and improve with and for them.


Future projects:

Best Bank wants to continue growing and accepting challenges with a positive impact on the customers with the support of For instance, the implementation of a chatbot on Best Bank’s Whatsapp.

Solved problems accessing homebanking (October, 2019)
Response Efficiency

Marketing Agency Case


One of Heineken’s promotions faced the challenge. Optimizing and automating processes of downloading, reading, validating, and awarding coupons manually.


Through On Spot Net management, Heineken incorporated chatbot on their Facebook Messenger. A chatbot that is capable of reading coupons automated the awarding of their prizes.


Results:’s chatbot had in October 2019 an efficiency rate of 60%. It was not higher due to a very strict requirement for human validation.
Also, the implementation of a chatbot is another contact opportunity. Another channel that allows the company to return to the customer-initiated conversation and communicate more information about this or other promotions.

Marketing Case



FOX Networks Group wanted to run the largest advertising campaign ever in Portugal. Thus reach as many people as possible, using a more interactive and appealing channel.

Solution: created a Whatsapp account so FOX could interact with its viewers. From there would come out new voices to promote the programming of the channels. The participants had to record audios of their voices and sent them through the app. Those records were heard and validated by the TV group team.


At the end of the campaign, there was an average of 1000 audios per day, reaching a total of 60 thousand submissions. This exceeded all initial expectations. There were also 14 new voices (female and male) for the promotion of programs on the group’s channels.