BEA, Banco Bes's chatbot

Banco Best and Simplesurance Launch a Unique Product through Chatbot

Recently, the German magazine as well as the Portuguese online magazine ECO Seguros published an article about the features of BEA (Best Electronic Assistant) –’s chatbot implemented on Banco Best’s website and Facebook Messenger. BEA enabled the partnership between the bank and Simplesurance, a Berlin startup whose focus is to find new ways to deliver product insurances.

Banco Best and Simplesurance

Simplesurance and Banco Best developed and integrated an API (Application Programming Interface) to start selling insurance for cell phones, laptops, and tablets via BEA.

According to Robin von Hein, CEO & Founder of Simplesurance, “[…] the integration of Banco Best’s chatbot is just the beginning of a successful partnership. […] With Banco Best, we have a strong, technology-driven partner from the financial sector at our side who manages to create a customer journey with our product that’s unique.” Simplesurance is the market leader in the InsurTech industry.

This is a unique product in the Portuguese market. A product that enables users to contact BEA anytime and request a personalized, online insurance price simulation in real-time.

Companies are increasingly investing in innovation, automation, and optimization of processes and services to meet the demands of their customers. It is worth mentioning the positive results that partnerships between companies can represent.’s platform showed once again a 100% compatibility and the ability to adapt its products to its client’s needs.

António Martins – Marketing Director at Banco Best – said: “The partnership with Simplesurance gives us a clear market advantage over our competitors.”

Banco Best is often chosen by its customers due to its competitive offer of long-term investment options. Currently, their customers are dispersed all over the world and in the age group from 18 to 92 years.

Who’s BEA?

BEA is a chatbot based on AI and automation processes from Banco Best. An AI-based chatbot is a solution that lets companies find, maintain, and retrieve customers online, but not only. This solution is capable of producing personalized interactions. Furthermore, it opens doors to new opportunities for promotion, learning, and improvement of corporate communications.

BEA generates thousands of contacts each month through Banco Best’s website and Facebook Messenger. Despite that, the bank’s Innovation and New Partnerships team don’t spend more than 10 min a day with’s platform. BEA’s current efficiency rate is 82%. In other words, on average, 82 out of 100 requests don’t require human assistance to be fulfilled.

As João Lourenço Cabrita shared in the 1st edition of Insights by, customers are in the solutions and opportunities. Therefore, BEA allows Banco Best to get closer, to listen, learn, and understand better what their customers expect from them.