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Forbes Highlights in the Chatbots World

August is a holiday month, but the good news doesn’t stop. was part of Forbes magazine, and here’s some of the play. in Forbes Magazine 

2020, a year that will be remembered as “The Year of the Pandemic.” However, it’s essential to recognize the impressive adaptation of Portuguese companies to remote work’s imposition and the growing adoption of new ways of providing services to the client. 

This month, Forbes Portugal chose to talk about its platform within the digital channel innovation scope. as Chatbots Software Provider

The interview began with a presentation of the three founders of and some of its history. 

Gonçalo Consiglieri, COO and CFO, Gianluca Pereyra, CEO, and Bruno Matias, CFO, three childhood friends, decided to get down to work and invest in a product that had a different beginning than it is now.

The initial product, called Jesbee, was a chat platform where users could receive credits or products after hearing or seeing advertising that fit their conversations.

That first project was not having the expected success. It was then that by participating in a hackathon with Beta-i and Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, they began to understand which way to go.

In 2016, was born, with a chat solution that brought companies closer to their clients.

With the intervention of investment groups, they redirected the company to the chatbots software area.

Forbes Underlines What Makes Different 

When they were studying the market, they found many services that made automatic responses available through Messenger. However, these were lacking in security and parameterization requirements.

It was by thinking of a more entrepreneurial and demanding public that’s solution moved forward. 

Another differentiation factor, the founders tell Forbes, is the investment in the Portuguese language. Not only for clients from Portugal but also for the PALOP and Brazil. 

The Portuguese language’s focus is one of the reasons why the team has developed its own technology. There were demands that they wanted to see fulfilled, and external software did not correspond to those parameters.

Also, more recently, the technology company has started to invest in Castilian. It already has a project in Colombia and has prospects of expanding to Spanish-speaking countries.

Besides, it’s essential to stress that the platform is low-code and cloud-based. This way, you don’t need technical knowledge to use it, nor do you need to travel to implement it in your company – crucial points in Pandemic times.

The CEO of also highlights one of the new tools of the platform – the Integration Hub. 

This functionality allows companies to integrate any other system they use in their chatbot, for example, in cases where users need to authenticate themselves or, in the context of payments, when they need to request payment references.

Expansion to Other Channels

With the intention and goal of becoming an omnichannel platform, i.e., to be present in all companies’ contact channels, has already expanded its solution to the email channel.

After the chatbots in channels such as the website, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp of the customers, the email bots follow. 

The email bots act as automation systems for emails received by businesses. They categorize the requests and redirect them to the indicated departments. 

In the meantime, the bot is in charge of requesting any documentation needed. After receiving that information, it forwards the email to an agent to complete the request. 

One of’s customers that has already started this solution is Tranquilidade. João Luís Marques, from the Operations and Customer Service Department, explains to Forbes that in addition to the chatbot, they are also using the solution with AI to sort thousands of emails they receive daily. 

Voice Incorporation in Chatbots

Forbes also highlights the voice option that chatbots can include. 

This tool makes the solution more innovative and dynamic, allowing business customers to talk to the bot without using their hands to type. 

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Photographer: Victór Machado;            Interviewer: Patrícia Oliveira.