This image illustrates the hotels that SmartDigitalPlug helps.

SmartDigitalPlug Platform with’s Solution

Different solutions’ Startups joined to help small hotels and local accommodations. This union resulted in SmartDigitalPlug.

Tourism and, in particular, local accommodation and hotels were the sectors most affected by the 2020 pandemic.

To help these sectors, the European Commission has promoted EUvsVirus. A hackathon to connect civil society, partners, and buyers across the EU.

This challenge aimed to develop innovative solutions to combat Covid-19., at the beginning of this pandemic, had already allied with Zaask. These two startups aimed to alleviate the influx of calls to SNS 24 (Nacional Health System telephone line).

However, for this European project, it joined other startups coordinated by Tech 1 Venture Capital Company. This company invests in Startups in the Travel Tech category.

From this union of companies, SmartDigitalPlug was born.

What is SmartDigitalPlug?

This platform is the merger of six startups’ products to help small hotels and local accommodation digitally.

In sum, it’s a site that brings together several areas pertinent to the hotel business. Clients and owners can use it.

Clients can, through the platform, mark entrances and exits from accommodations or request transportation.

On the other hand, the owners or managers can schedule certain services, like cleaning services. Or even plan energy savings when guests are not present in the rooms.

For this initiative, has made available its solution for automating customer service interactions. That is, any question that travelers have can be answered automatically by the chatbot. Furthermore, we can implement the chatbot in any conversational app, like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

People have access to all the services offered without having to risk their safety and hygiene.

The goal is to make small accommodations to implement more digital and innovative channels.

With this project, they can promote distance between people. And also automate the process of obtaining their services and increasing their care efficiency.

Additionally, there’s the bonus of reducing the environmental impact when it comes to saving natural resources such as paper.

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