Chatbot with Rede Marketing Agency
Articles Chatbot Helps Students Win Awesome Prizes

There’s a new chatbot, implemented at Rede Marketing Agency, which provides prizes, discounts, and relevant content to university students, in real-time.

Chatbot on Rede Marketing Agency aims to help companies automate interactions between them and their customers. To do so, it offers a chatbot solution for brands to get closer to their audience and create loyal relationships.

Rede, on the other hand, is a brand of the On Spot Net group. Their specialty is university marketing, where the target audience is young adults in higher education.

Facebook Messenger as a Contact Channel

Rede implemented a chatbot at the beginning of the school year to get closer to the student audience. The name of the bot is Chatbot da Rede, and it’s present in Rede’s Facebook Messenger channel.

Considering that most young people have the application installed, they don’t need new apps or accounts, and, a plus, it’s completely free. They only need to open Messenger and interact with the bot.

Students can gain discounts and advantages in many brands. They only need to present a picture of the student card and select the college they study in. This way Rede can assure the eligibility of users and the exclusivity of the discount.

Brands and Clients

Currently, Repsol, Bolt, and Caloiro Wines are some of Rede’s Chatbot’s active brands.

Nuno Santos Oliveira, a managing partner of the agency, comments that “With the Chatbot of Rede we are talking to young people who define, at this time of their lives, their consumer preferences. So the platform represents an opportunity for brands that want to conquer and retain consumers since the beginning of their adult lives”.

However, this chatbot still provides information about events, news, and curiosities about the academic world. Very important too, it offers tips for those who debut in the working world, as well as job opportunities.

In sum, if you want your audience to get closer to your brand, think about the solution. Contact us to know more!

Image and information: The Marketeer.