at Portugal Digital Summit 2020
Articles in the Unique Edition of Portugal Digital Summit 2020 was at the Portugal Digital Summit 2020, talking about technological transformation, ethics and data privacy, and future trends. Here we’ll briefly tell you the points covered in this digital session.

Portugal Digital Summit 2020

This year, due to the contingencies imposed by Covid-19, the summit had a digital format. All its sessions were broadcast online or through channel 420 of the four Portuguese TV operators. However, the sessions were recorded from the Museu dos Coches, where a studio was set up.

The Portugal Digital Summit will take place from October 19 to 23. It will involve around 250 digital leaders, more than 50 hours of broadcasting with more diverse themes in different formats. It’s a unique edition, which also celebrates the 20 years of ACEPI.

This summit was an initiative of ACEPI (Association of Digital Economy). It had the goal to answer the challenges that companies encountered when the pandemic’s quarantine and its consequences were present.

Digital Marketing Talks with

Representing was Gianluca Pereyra, one of the founders and CEO of Next to him, sharing the same session, was the president of another technology company.

The conversation was on October 21 and had the theme “Conversational Marketing”. And it was included in the “Digital Marketing Talks” of the summit.

Those present at this session focus on Chatbots’ use with Artificial Intelligence to provide better conversations in real-time and more authentic experiences.

To show a little of what offers, Gianluca Pereyra talks about the automation solution’s experiences to clients. In particular, the tools that help optimize Customer Support Services.

Technological Acceleration in Companies

Gianluca reveals that had some potential clients ready to implement the solution at the beginning of the year. However, the pandemic slowed these processes, and companies became more cautious about investment distribution.

Many companies weren’t prepared for the circumstances imposed on them by the pandemic. They had to reorganize their internal structures so that they could later seize the opportunities for technological evolution.

On the contrary, companies that already had the chatbot saw great benefits in having the solution live. The volume of contact through the bot increased exponentially. The population was at home and through the bot was the fastest way to get an answer to their questions.

The co-founder of believes, however, that chatbots won’t replace traditional means of contact. He adds that each one has its advantages, and companies know it.

At, our vision is to create a platform that makes the client autonomous, and our roadmap goes very much in line with the client’s needs.

Gianluca Pereyra

Digital Ethics and Data Privacy

When asked about digital ethics and data privacy,’s CEO says there are two ways to approach the issue, depending on the client.

Regarding the data privacy policy, some customers prefer to notice right at the beginning of the interaction. They alert the user to the recording of the conversation, and there’s no continuation of it unless they accept the privacy regulations.

Other clients prefer the anonymization of the data. For example, in cases where the chatbots are internal (to facilitate processes within the institutions), it’s possible to anonymize the data in the platform. However, only the company has access to this data.

When it comes to digital ethics, the end-user should always be informed that they’re communicating with a virtual agent and that their data will be recorded. In this way, there’s no possible secrecy or deception about the subject.

Differentiating Trends for 2021

Gianluca reinforces that focuses its energy on the customer and its needs.

Despite being a great help in Customer Support, the chat is still a small part of all this service. Therefore, the bet starts to turn to the most traditional means of contact, such as email.

Email automation is already, and it will be a major trend for next year. With this solution’s implementation, the companies have a bot that can read emails and documents attached to them. Also, it can route to the treatment departments.

To access the full session, click on the video below.

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