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Articles’s Partner Is One of the Fastest-Growing Companies

GoContact,’s partner, for the second year in a row, ranks “among the fastest-growing technology companies of 2019” in Deloitte’s EMEA Technology Fast 500.

The Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA Program

The Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA program already has 16 editions and aims to present the companies that have had the greatest growth in different industries.

The focus of this study is on the areas of Technology, Media and Telecommunications, in the regions of Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

This edition included 28 countries and companies with growth rates between 200 and 28,000%. Also, it had into account the increase in turnover between the fiscal years 2012 and 2015.

Apart from investment and the development of new solutions, the expansion of companies to other countries was also taken into account.’s Partner in Deloitte’s EMEA Technology Fast 500

GoContact is a company specialized in integrated solutions for Contact Centers and about three years ago started to invest in voice automation solutions.

The company has an excellent growth strategy, and this is manifested, for the second time, by entering this ranking. This consecutive entry reinforces GoContact’s position in the software market, more specifically as Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS).

Additionally, and taking into account that one of the factors in this ranking is the expansion of the companies, GoContact has extended its activity in Europe, Africa and Latin America.

Thus, this recognition comes after the development of many innovative solutions with Artificial Intelligence and the exploration of a still recent area, the Voice Bots. and GoContact Partnership

Both GoContact and are specialists in automation, even though each one has its niche. GoContact focus on voice automation, and in chat and e-mail automation.

Also, the two companies automate Contact Centers services, using Artificial Intelligence.

GoContact offers a voice channel automation solution capable of:

  • Identify the reason why the customer called;
  • Categorize correctly and forward to the respective agents;
  • Eliminate waiting time in processes that can be automated, namely data collection;
  • Decrease the average call time by pre-processing them.

However, as GoContact offered the best possible voice automation, they wanted to give the same quality regarding chat and e-mail. Consequently, they searched for a company that had those solutions, and that’s how the partnership with began.

In addition to GoContact’s automation capabilities, has as main objectives:

  • Automating repeated questions;
  • Reading of text and validation of attachments automation;
  • Automating the internal routing of requests;
  • Increasing the productivity of operators;
  • Optimizing operator time management;
  • Reducing costs in Contact Centers.

In sum, GoContact’s collaboration with allows companies to provide an all-in-one solution to their customers by automating the chat, email, and voice channels. Learn more about this partnership here.

We’re very happy with this GoContact achievement! Way to go partners!