What can internal chatbots do for your company?

What can internal chatbots do for your company?

We already went on and on about the customer support chatbots. We can all imagine the advantages they bring to the relation a company has with its clients.

What we haven’t told you about was the possibilities of having an internal chatbot in your company. Did you know that chatbots can be used inside a company as well? That’s they don’t always have to be public.


We call “internal chatbots” to all the virtual assistants that only some people within the organization can see. They are restricted and not available to the general public.

Internal chatbots are often used by organizations that have their operations spread geographically, as insurance companies, banks, telco operators, and others. Whilst the agents are in different locations, they often contact a central department when they have questions about a product or service that their own company provides

This kind of chatbots perform as an instruction manual for your coworkers to lean on. They provide your staff with an always on knowledge base to consult when they have doubts.

This way, internal chatbots make it possible to deliver a faster and more elucidative service to the final customer too. They are the Holy Grail of internal communication. We’ll tell you why.


Provide support to the staff

You don’t want your team lost in their tasks without providing them with some helpful tools, right? The same way you implemented a Frequently Asked Questions list in your website or created some guideline with procedures in the company, you can now implement a chatbot to help your team daily.


Enables quicker responses

Chatbots are really time saving, since you ask a question and get an answer right away. This saves your employees time and solves their doubts in an easy way. Ever been frustrated when not being able to find an answer you were looking for and ended up quitting your intent? No more need for that.


Enhances enterprise unity by connecting the employees with the brand

Besides being really helpful, chatbots can also be fun. They can provide your team with meticulous answers and, furthermore, send some alerts and information if you enable that option. This way you can power the engagement with your employees, assist them in times of need and also send some quick notifications to wish them a good day, for example.

You choose. We can only tell you that they can be extremely helpful in maintaining your employees happy.


They can be deployed in an internal platform

Chatbots are normally set up in platforms that the employees are used to access every day, like the company’s website or the intranet. This way there’s no forcing them to visit even more platforms.

Also, internal chatbots are a way to combine all answers in one place.


Connects different areas within the company

In big companies, people from the different areas don’t always communicate. Also, in cases like banking or insurance companies, there’s the headquarters and then other small agencies spread across the country. And most of the time there is no strong communication between all of them.

Having a chatbot inside the company, besides solving those connecting issues, can combine knowledge from the different areas, concentrating all the available information in one place.


Chatbots are easier and more engaging than reading manuals and FAQs

A chatbot is a virtual assistant that answers directly to questions. So, instead of spending several minutes (or hours) trying to find an answer somewhere in the office or calling someone, people can go to the chatbot and ask directly. And find a direct answer.


As you can see, chatbots are a powerful tool because they can serve a whole lot of purposes and intentions. If you’re interested in acquiring one of this fantastic communication tools, talk to Visor.ai and we can help you! It’s quick and easy, and you don’t need to code.

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