2020 in Review: A Brief Visor.ai’s Perspective

2020 is ending and with it comes the year’s review. In this article, we tell the many successes Visor.ai had throughout the year.

2020: A Year to Forget?

Atypical. It’s the word that best describes this year. It began like any other, but with its weight, as it is a round number, being “The” year. And it was, in fact. But not within the expectations we had imposed on it.

So much “2020 will be the year!” or “In 2020 I will start this and that!”. And so, it was until they put a brake on us.

The world pandemic was a massive obstacle for many people. Some people were luckier than others. However, human beings have the capacity to adapt and innovate, and that’s what we did.

The street stores and restaurants that couldn’t receive clients put their hands to work and started to do alternative services, like takeaway and online sales.

On the other hand, those who worked in offices were forced to go home and work there. That was the case with Visor.ai.

Although we just opened the new office at the beginning of the year, we did what was asked, and we were all in telework.

Still, we could maintain our service level and help our clients offer theirs through our automation solutions!

2020 Review by Visor.ai

New Ways of Working

It may seem unimportant, but it’s not. A company having the ability, without notice, to send everyone home and maintain productivity and performance is a great achievement.

Of course, we made all the required contingency plans and outlined how we would proceed from home, as we had never been in a similar situation. Even so, it turned out to be very smooth.

New Clients in Different Sectors

The pandemic showed us that companies have to innovate and expand their services to the online world. That’s where their customers were and, more than ever, are. That is the digital channels of contact, such as websites, social networks, and communication applications.

It was with this need that some companies came to us and invested in our solutions.

A Team Always Growing

With a larger number of clients, the work became more demanding, and it was necessary to increase the team. Last year, we doubled the number of employees. This year we managed to hire eight more people!

Email Bots on Fire!

Yes, it was a complex process that we started at the end of last year, but it was officially launched this year!

The first Visor.ai client to have this solution was Tranquilidade insurance company. After having great results with the chat solution on the site and WhatsApp channel, it also invested in the email option.

Our email bots are an automation solution for emails received by contact centers. It optimizes email processing and can be integrated into any CRM system the client uses.

Learn more about this solution in Email bots: How to Automate your Mailbox.

From Websites to Apps

More and more companies are offering their services through their own mobile apps in addition to their website.

However, requests for clarification and questions about their products remain. For this reason, and to increase the efficiency of response and optimize the work of their contact center teams, companies are starting to bet on bots in their apps.

The results and users’ acceptance have been spectacular.

Innovative Solutions Win Awards

At the end of 2019, FOX launched an advertising campaign “Estreia-te” with a chatbot Visor.ai.

This innovative thinking was awarded three gold prizes at the European Promax Awards, and Visor.ai was very proud to be part of this project!

Reaching New Territories

As time goes by, Visor.ai little by little reaches more parts of the world.

We were already present in Portugal, Spain, Latin America, and Africa. Still, now we are beginning to see a growing interest in our solutions in territories like the United States, other European countries, and the Middle East.

In 2020, we have bet on many ways to go further, and the outcomes have been positive.

Satisfaction = Loyalty

As expected, with the financial shock this year, some potential clients chose to wait and invest in our solutions later.

However, the companies that already had Visor.ai options remained faithful and renewed their contracts. Some even started using more than one solution!

As we usually say, when the customer is satisfied, it’s difficult to change providers, and this can be seen in the 95 % retention rate that Visor.ai has.

Despite the difficult year, we managed to succeed, and this is due to our team’s tireless effort and clients who continue to believe and invest in Visor.ai solutions!

It’s with great appreciation that we thank you. Until 2021!

If you want to know how Visor.ai can help your company in 2021, click here!