Get Better Results with WhatsApp Chatbots

Get Better Results with WhatsApp Chatbots!

Chatbots are the most obvious solution for companies that want to optimize their Customer Service. Also, if they’re in WhatsApp, the world’s most significant communication app, it’s even better.

In this article, we show you how companies triple the conversational traffic when they invest in this digital channel.

WhatsApp Chatbots as a Channel between Companies and Customers

WhatsApp has been one of the conversational applications that managed to stay close to the top in the last ten years.

We’re in a world where the supply of similar products is enormous, and to be among the first is an achievement.

To get to the top, companies must comply with what users are asking for, no matter what industry.

That’s why WhatsApp is the most widely used application in the world because it meets the most appealing requirements:

  • It’s a free app;
  • It has no advertising;
  • It’s easy to use;
  • It has messaging encryption.

Facts and Statistics

To get a sense of how big WhatsApp has become, we show you some facts and statistics:

  • It’s the most popular mobile messaging app in the world (Statista)
  • Registers about two billion users per month (Statista)
  • Almost 60% of users consult WhatsApp more than once a day (Statista)
  • Three million businesses use WhatsApp to contact their customers (Business of Apps)

Contact Center Studies

WhatsApp was once seen as a private conversational channel where people communicated with friends and family.

Now it can be the fastest channel for your company to reach customers, making your relationship closer.

According to studies in contact centers, about 77% want to use digital contact channels such as chat, virtual assistants, and social networks in the future.

Also, 62% want to invest in solutions based on Artificial Intelligence.

These investments in digital channels with AI are directly related to companies wanting to improve the customer experience, reduce costs, and improve the performance of their employees.

Reasons to Invest in WhatsApp Chatbots

Your company can take advantage of it because it is the world’s number 1 messaging application.

It’s nothing new that companies are increasingly customer-centric and concerned with offering the best possible service.

By integrating a chatbot into WhatsApp, you can get closer to your customers, get near to their issues, and take advantage of that information to benefit them.

Use and abuse this digital channel to offer a self-care experience. That is, where, with the help of a bot, clients can solve their problems for themselves.

Furthermore, it shows that it’s a company that bets on technologies and innovations. Taking into account that customers are more and more eager for technologies, it only adds points in your favor.

With this channel available to everyone, it quickly reaches a broader range of customers and potential customers.

Adapt to your Audience

Younger age groups don’t use as much as the elder groups channels like Facebook Messenger or the brands’ website. They’re more attentive to alternatives and where they spend most of their time.

Since Instagram and TikTok aren’t messaging applications, WhatsApp is the channel to consider.

Another added value of this channel is the possibility of voice messaging. This option is in line with the new tool – the voice bots.

This new solution allows customers to expose their requests and questions through voice commands. It’s an excellent option for those who are given multi-tasking and don’t want or can’t use their hands.

Results of the Ones Who Already Use this App first implemented its chatbots on its customers’ websites and Facebook Messenger. However, since the end of 2019, it has seen the advantages of integrating its solution into WhatsApp.

Since that time, we saw the gains that this implementation brings to businesses.

Although these companies already had chatbots on other channels, the addition of the bot in WhatsApp has moved them from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of contacts!

They tripled the number of contacts in a few months of integration!

Therefore, these figures only prove what was said earlier. Customers need innovation and ease of contact wherever they are.

That’s what customers want, so it’s worth a bet!

There are even companies that only use WhatsApp as their only communication channel. An example of this is the FOX channel case, with the “Estreia-te” campaign.

Through their WhatsApp channel and the help of a bot, they’ve broken records and got the biggest advertising campaign ever!

At the end of the campaign and to select the next voices to promote the channel’s series, they registered about 60,000 submissions from tens of thousands of contacts. All this in three months of action! Chatbots in Your Company’s WhatsApp

Altogether, whatever the sector, proximity to customers is a factor that should be intrinsic to any company.

That’s why you should bet on’s solution and automate the most frequent interactions of your Customer Service.

Besides, by dividing the contacts by the different channels, you get service without disparities. That is, if you have a chatbot on all communication platforms, you offer a smooth service without discrepancies.

As we mentioned before, chatbots can be implemented on any platform because it’s a modular and easily scalable solution.

In the platform, you have the possibility, without needing specific knowledge, to customize your bot. You can give it if you wish a different profile and conversational design depending on the contact channel.

Imagine, on the website, you have one personality, and you respond in a certain way, and on WhatsApp, you have another. It can be an option if you have different age ranges depending on the channel. But to know that, you need to check with your customer collected data.

These are all possibilities that you can define in our cloud-based Artificial Intelligence platform.

Come and find out more about this innovative channel and the different tools that the platform provides!

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